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This is Yesha of “Yesha Freedom & Salvation”.

Outbreaks of an infectious disease Coronavirus (COVID-19) strikes early 2020 all over the world.

It’s like… a couple of weeks ago, everything was in normal..

People are in mall doing shopping, doing groceries, meeting with friends..

Restaurants are full of families having dinner and celebrating different occasions.

Employees wake up early in the morning and travel to work.

Kids are busy with different activities in school and excited to wear uniform everyday before going to school.

And in just one click… the lives of people worldwide have been dramatically altered.

This became the so called “new-normal for the year 2020”.

We’ve been forced to learn to distance ourselves from others.

Billions of people are in lockdown, we stayed in our home until further advice.

No celebrations, no meeting and visiting other people outside.

Employees like me, cannot go to work, luckily Work from Home set up is okay with the company.

Kids are not allowed to go to school.

People are force to stay at home for safety purposes.

And we cannot do anything about it!!

We don’t even know how long we can return to our old normal routines.

During pandemic, there are some realizations that happened not just to me but to almost all of us.

I am thinking what are the positive results of this pandemic?

And this is it… Equality, because regardless if you’re poor or rich, regardless of what your religion and culture, virus will not choose on to whom it will attack next.

During this chaos, weight of humanity wins!!

We valued and spend more time with our family, having breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

Everything is simple..

This year is like rollercoaster to all of us..

And I have so many realizations about life…

Above all.. I realized that Life is really too short!!

That is why I’m very eager to discover on what is my purpose here on earth…

This pandemic brought me closer to God.

I’ve learned to be grateful for whatever I have right now.

Pandemic taught me to spread love, hope and faith to others.

All of us must learn how to help someone.. Meaning, at least share with them something that might bring happiness to them or maybe where they can learn.

Where they can learn to believe that there is no rainbow if there’s no rain.. so hold on..

That your faith in God will be tested during these times.

And it’s up to us if until when we can say that I surrender everything to God.. I trust Him…

Life is a lesson.. we don’t know what we will learn today, tomorrow or some other day… we need to be grateful in life…

And you know what, memorizing Biblical Verses is something that we can hold on in order to uplift our Faith most especially at times like this.

It will be much easier for us to feel that we are protected when we have His Word into our mind and we keep hearing His voice during our sufferings.

It is something that will bring you happiness and you will feel that you are complete, when you are Spiritually connected to God.

And like what they said.. Sharing is Caring…. If memorizing Biblical scriptures work for me, then I’m sure, same with you…

Everything can end tomorrow…

And therefore, I think it’s better to leave the earth that we are all prepared, rather than leaving and yet you are confused, you are afraid,,, you are overwhelmed by so many what if’s in life?..

Know your purpose!! Read the word of God… Memorize the Biblical Scriptures.. and you’ll see the importance of memorizing Biblical Verses… it will definitely fill your emptiness in life..

This is Yesha saying “Preparation is the Key”

God Bless Us All,

Yesha “Freedom&Salvation”

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Always remember that even though we don’t have same boat, we should be thankful that we have the same Ocean. We have the same GOD.